'CUKids' Software Is Offered

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Credit Union ONE is distributing "CUKids" financial education software at all its branches through May 30.

The software is free to any child who opens an account with $25 or more. It can also be purchased by members or non-members for $15. Aimed at children ages 6 to 12, the software teaches the importance of personal financial planning while giving them the financial lifeskills needed for future financial independence, the credit unions said. Some of the financial topics covered by CUkids include saving, spending, debt avoidance as well as basic financial product knowledge.

"The software administered by the parent, enables the child to create accounts for savings, checking, charitable donations and Christmas," Credit Union ONE reported. "There are also check writing features and auto deposit capabilities to give children an allowance, track spending habits and create a structured savings plan. In addition, CUkids sets up a list of chores and periodic reviews of the accounts to determine raises or justify bonus deposits.

"The financial software also offers customizable wisdom files to help create dialogue between parents and children as well as the ease and convenience of direct links to Credit Union ONE's website and GooglePlex, a website for children featuring fun and educational money games," the credit union stated.

Cukids was designed by software designer David Hunt of ParentWare in Georgia.

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