CUNA Builds Its Primary Support Of Favored Candidates

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WASHINGTON -- CUNA extended its independent campaign expenditures for next week's primaries to unprecedented levels, with additional spending on behalf of embattled Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman, and Republican House candidate Jeff Crank, of Colorado. CUNA reported Monday it is spending another $29,099 on direct mail pamphlets boosting Lieberman, making a total of $116,396 spent over the past week to prop up the three-term Senator, who is in a tough battle in the August 8 Democratic primary against anti-Iraqi war candidate Ned Lamont. The trade group also said Monday it is spending an additional $43,346 on direct mailing in support of Crank, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, and a former staffer for retiring Rep. Joel Hefley, who Crank hopes to succeed in Congress. CUNA spent $107,057 on TV and radio ads for Crank last week. The $169,799 spent by CUNA the last six days on independent expenditures for the two candidates is a new high for the credit union trade association. Independent expenditures may not be coordinated with a candidate.

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