CUNA Pac Donation Pace Slowed Down In December

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CUNA said its political action committee (PAC) made only $9,250 in campaign contributions in December, the least in several years, after a blistering two-year campaign cycle in which it bested its previous high for campaign activity by 60%. CUNA said it raised $3.2 million in campaign funds for the 2001-2002 campaign, 65% more than the previous high of $2 million in 1999-2000; and spent $3.2 million, 60% more than in the last campaign.

The leading credit union trade PAC contributed a total of $2.3 million to individual candidates and the two major parties during the 2001-2002 campaign, 35% less than the prior campaign, including a new high of $1.9 million to individuals and $400,000 to the two parties. That made CUNA the sixth most active trade association PAC in the nation. By comparison, the American Bankers Association contributed $1.5 million to individual candidates.

December contributions went to newly-elected Sen. Saxby Chamblis (R-GA), $5,000, after CUNA supported his defeated foe, incumbent Max Cleland; and to newly elected Reps. Jim Marshall (R-GA), $2,500; Linda Sanchez (D- CA), $1,000; and Mike Thompson (D-CA) ($750).

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