CUNA Starts Year With Hefty Political Donations

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CUNA made its annual tithe here in January, kicking in the maximum permissible $15,000 contributions to the three major campaign conduits for the Republican and Democratic parties-a $90,000 gift to the two parties.

CUNA typically donates $15,000 every year to the Republican National Committee, National Republican Campaign Committee and National Republican Congressional Committees, as well as the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Senate Campaign Committee and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

CUNA contributed almost $400,000 to the two parties in the last elections, including hard contributions such as those listed above, as well as soft money donations, which are now banned.

CUNA also made contributions last month to: new Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's Volunteer PAC ($5,000); new Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D- CA), $1,000; Financial Services Subcommittee Chairman Richard Baker (R-LA), $5,000; Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS), $4,500; and newly-elected Rep. Tom Cole (R- OK) $5,000.

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