CUNA To Sponsor College FootballAll-Stars

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WASHINGTON - (10/29/04) -- CUNA has reached a preliminaryagreement to help sponsor the Hula Bowl, the annual collegefootball all-star game held in Maui, Hawaii. The agreement, whichis expected to cover advertisements at the game, is with OvertimeSports Pacific, an affiliate of the American Football CoachesAssociation, with which CUNA is partnering on the National ChildIdentification Program, according to CUNA lobbyist Gary Kohn. Thestructure of the ads, which are still undetermined, will toutAmerica's credit unions. "There will be significant visibility atthe stadium," Kohn told The Credit Union Journal. CUNA is planningto raise funds separately for the initiative. "All of the moneywill be raised voluntarily. None of it will be coming out of thepockets of credit unions," said Kohn.

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