CURIA Sponsors Now Stand At More Than 70

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Several more lawmakers added their names as co-sponsors of the CU Regulatory Relief Act-better known as CURIA-just before the Independence Day recess.

That brought the number of co-sponsors to 74, including 45 Democrats, 28 Republicans and one Independent. And, as NAFCU's chief lobbyist Bill Donovan pointed out, that list also includes representatives from 25 states, giving the measure a geographic diversity.

Donovan, whose staff has been working to collect as many co-sponsors as possible to the bill, predicted several more will add their names to the legislation when Congress returns from its recess this week.

The bill, which offers more than a dozen regulatory relief provisions for credit unions, has not been scheduled yet for a hearing.

Despite the progress on CURIA, the bill is likely to be combined with an overall regulatory relief bill for banks and thrifts, as well as credit unions.

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