CUs To CUNA Mutual: 'Help Improve The Experience'

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The CUNA Mutual Group Owners' Advisory Council (OAC) weighed in on what credit unions are expecting from the company. The OAC met prior to CUNA Mutual's Discovery Conference here.

The group is chaired by Tony Mook, president/CEO of CUMORAH Credit Union, Las Vegas. Members of the OAC serve terms of approximately three-to-five years. There are 51 representatives-one from each state, except California, which has two. Bob Bruns, president/CEO of Charlotte Metro Credit Union, Charlotte, N.C., is the incoming 2004 Owners' Advisory Council chairman.

CUNA Mutual CEO said the company has worked to respond to demands from the OAC. Kitchen cited lending as an example of OAC's impact. " You said that lending is a cornerstone to building member relationships and that CUNA Mutual needs to try to develop programs that help facilitate it," Kitchen said.

At an OAC focus group at this year's meeting, credit unions said they are now looking to CUNA Mutual for ways to enhance their competitive advantage and improve their members' experience.

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