Database To Fight Check Fraud

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US Biometrics is partnering with banks and other financial institutions to build a national database of fingerprints to help stem check fraud.

Under the system, known as CheckQ, a bank or credit union collects a fingerprint sample, along with other personal information, from non-customers who come in to cash checks and the fingerprints are used to reference the individual's history for check fraud or other financial crimes, according to Anita Mettille, regional sales manager for the company.

Because the fingerprints are collected without using ink-but by digital imaging-the system is being seen as a companion to the new Check 21 law, which will eventually eliminate the use of paper checks.

The digital fingerprints have proven to be acceptable in court, Mettille told The Credit Union Journal. So far, US Biometrics has enlisted financial institutions in Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin, California and Utah to the system.

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