Daughter Convicted In Mother-Daughter CUHeist

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CORTEZ, Colo. - (05/12/06) -- A state court jury found DanjaVaughn guilty Wednesday of last May's robbery of $105,000 fromSouthwest Colorado CU, finding Vaughn conspired with her motherSharon Vaughn and the lone teller on duty at the time, RebeccaSmith, in the credit union heist. Vaughn's 61-year-old mother,Sharon Vaughn, pleaded guilty to the robbery in March. Mother anddaughter were arrested after police discovered more than $40,000 incredit union loot hidden in their apartment. They first becamesuspects when Sharon Vaughn tried to pay her back rent with $20,000in $20 bills stolen from the credit union. The two women triedunsuccessful to commit suicide after they learned police were on tothem. They were found unconscious in a van on a rural road afterhaving ingested tranquilizers and hazardous chemicals. Smith, whooriginally told police the Vaughns were not involved but changedher story to implicate the two, has pleaded guilty to conspiracycharges in the case.

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