Dawson Takes Over At Navy FCU As World's Largest CU Honors Retiring McDonnell

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Cutler Dawson has officially taken the helm at the world's largest natural-person credit union, Navy Federal.

Dawson succeeds Brian McDonnell, who was honored with a retirement ceremony at the credit union at which he was presented with a number of gifts, including a ship's wheel in reflection of the credit union's heritage and FOM.

"It is both an honor and a privilege to assume the duties and responsibilities as president and CEO of Navy Federal," said Dawson. "Having served in the Navy for over three decades, I am deeply committed to serving our core members-the men, women and families of the Navy and Marine Corps."

Dawson had been serving as a member of the $22.8-billion Navy Federal's board for the past 10 years. As a Navy Vice Admiral, his most recent assignment was as the fiscal resources officer of the Navy and principal advisor to the Chief of Naval Operations for the annual development of the Navy's $100-billion program.

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