Deluxe Launches Anti-FraudSystem

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ST. PAUL, Minn. - (02/08/05) -- Deluxe Corp. said its DeluxeFinancial Services unit has teamed with First Data Corp.'s PrimaryPayment Systems Inc. to introduce a new service to help creditunions and banks fight fraud. Deluxe Detect, powered by EarlyWarning, is a new relationship-screening tool that allows financialinstitutions to reduce fraud at the new account desk by providingverification and reliable risk assessment in real time. Newapplicants are screened against the Early Warning databases, whichcontain public and non-public data, including contributions fromfinancial institutions and other financial services organizations.Deluxe Detect will also operate through Primary Payment Systems'Trusted Custodian model that protects financial institution datawhile rewarding the institutions with revenue sharing whencontributed information provides value to anotherinstitution.

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