Disneyland Location Spawns JokingChatfield Comparisons

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ANAHEIM, Calif. - (10/26/05) -- The California and Nevada CU Leaguesare holding their annual conventions at Disneyland this year. MattDavidson, the California league’s executive vice president,opened Tuesday’s morning general session by pointing out whathe said were the “commonalities” between DaveChatfield, the retiring president and CEO of the tradeassociations, and the theme park, which is celebrating its 50thanniversary in 2005. “Dave Chatfield has been around a longtime. He’s kind of a Frontierland kind of guy,” saidDavidson. “Though, some of his moves have left us wonderingif he is in Fantasyland.” On a more serious note, Davidsonsaid the David L. Chatfield International Training Fund willreceive a large donation from the leagues.

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