Dow Chemical Pays Out $4.6 Million ToMembers

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MIDLAND, Mich. - (01/16/06) – Dow Chemical Employees CU saidit paid members a total payout of $4.6 million for 2005, comprisedof interest rebates, saver and check card incentives. The $950million credit union, one of the few still paying interest rebates,returned more than $3 million in interest rebates of 15% for 2005,up from the 12.5% rebates paid for 2004. Members in good standingalso received a 10% ‘member saver reward,’ whichtotaled $1.5 million for 2005. And Visa check card holders sharedan additional $86,000 based on their transactions amounts. DowChemical Employees had paid an interest rebate for 49 of the past50 years.

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