Dumb Robber Leaves Her Debit Card Behind

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WAUKEGAN, Ill. – A woman accused of robbing a Consumers CU branch of more than $11,000 Monday afternoon was identified after leaving behind a debit card with her name on it and the robbery demand note, which was written on the back of a prescription form made out to her.

A woman who was wearing a black hat and sunglasses handed the teller a note which read, “give me what you got,” according to authorities. The robber then said, “Are you pushing panic buttons? Hurry up, do not push any buttons.” Throughout the robbery the woman repeated, “do not push any buttons.”

During the robbery, though, the woman dropped her debit card on the teller’s counter. The teller gave the woman cash from her drawer, approximately $11,362.

After leaving the credit union, the woman got in a red car that was parked in front. She got into the passenger side after a brief conversation with the driver, the complaint said.

Waukegan police officers observed the demand note was written on the back of a prescription form which was made out to “Kim Ramirez” on Aug. 2 and the Visa debit card was issued to Kimberly A. Ramirez.

When police went to Ramirez’s residence she consented to a search of the apartment, where they found about $9,932 in cash, a black purse, a black baseball hat and sunglasses. About that same time, they also saw a red car near the apartment. Another $1,235 was recovered from the car.

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