Edwards Named New CEO At XP Systems; Co. To Continue Focus On XP2 System

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XP Systems has named John Edwards as its new president.

Edwards, a 37-year veteran of the company, was previously senior VP-business development. Edwards will replace Roger Kuhns, who is president of XP Systems' parent Fiserv's western division and who has been acting as interim CEO.

"There will be a strong commitment to our client base," Edwards said. "The mantra here will be that everyone has a customer and we have to serve them."

Edwards told The Credit Union Journal his focus will be on seeing the XP2 System through to completion, noting the company is approximately halfway through that four-year project.

"We're going to stay the course," he said, noting that the XP2 System had initially been planned as a three-year project with three releases, but that it has "grown."

"We did not want to overwhelm our clients," Edwards said, "and this also allows us to address market needs. For instance, there is a lot of talk now about commercial solutions. Two years ago, that was not talked about."

Edwards said XP Systems plans to integrate a solution for business members currently in place at another Fiserv company. He said that eventually all of the company's 300 clients will migrate to the new system.

"We've gone from the monolithic, closed architecture that was typical of systems of the early 1980s, to a highly- customizable, browser-based system," he said.

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