ElecTel Cooperative CU Signs For IdentityTheft Service

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RALEIGH, N.C. - (07/25/05) -- ElecTel Cooperative CU said it hasbecome the latest credit union to offer its members comprehensiveidentity theft prevention and resolution services through IdentityTheft 911. The service will be offered free to the credit union's7,000 members, giving them ongoing access to consumer education onhow to prevent identity theft. The service will provide members apersonal advocate to help resolve identity thefts; systematicnotification of agencies, businesses and institutions of a theft; afile creation for insurance and police records; credit reports fromthe three credit bureaus; one year of credit monitoring and fraudmonitoring; a year of follow-up alerts, phone calls and statuschecks to avoid recurrence. In addition, a consumer educationcomponent will provide all members with ongoing emailed fraudalerts, a monthly newsletter, and a dedicated website with articlesand other information of identity theft.

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