Etched-Glass Mural Tribute To FOM

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Firefighters CU President Kenny Hansome said the new view from his office is "fantastic" thanks to a large etched glass window that overlooks the main pathway for members to conduct transactions.

The artwork was part of a $1-million project to remodel the existing 13,000 square feet of office space and add 3,300 square feet.

As an "old firefighter" who admits he likes to shoot the breeze, Hansome said he wanted to make sure the changes didn't isolate him from members. But, because he also didn't want to feel like he was in a fishbowl, his board commissioned a local artist, Greg Thompson, of Indian Art Glass in Indianapolis to sandblast some firefighting scenes into the glass.

"He did this fantastic piece of artwork," Hansome said. "He sandblasted a collage of different firefighting scenes from a firefighting book I loaned him."

Included in the design is the badge number Hansome wore during his 20-year career as a firefighter.

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