Facebook Added To WhatsInItForMe?

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COLUMBIA, Md.-The 2010 phase of the cooperative ad campaign being sponsored by the Maryland & DC Credit Union Association has debuted with a "WhatsInItForMe?" Facebook page and other social media, in addition to radio and metro bus ads.

The campaign was initially launched in 2009 and followed MDDCCUA-commissioned work by Hart Research that "showed conclusively that most nonmembers lack awareness of credit unions and don't believe they are eligible to join." The 2010 campaign, which has a $170,000 budget, builds on the 2009 effort and additional research.

The campaign will run through July 31 with a primary audience of women 25-54 and Gen Y.

The WhatsInItForMe.org website has been updated to include testimonials, a consumer quiz and more, while a Facebook page has been added at www.facebook.com/whatsinitforme, which will also provide feedback.

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