Federal Agencies Offer FinancialEducation

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. - (10/13/04) -- Representatives form a half dozenfederal agencies gathered at NCUA Tuesday morning to introduce anew Financial Education Website and accompanying toll-free hotlineto help consumers find information and guidance on issues fromretirement savings to credit reports to investments to SocialSecurity benefits. "Financial education is for people of all ages.There seems to be no age group in which the need for financialeducation hones in on," said NCUA Chairman JoAnn Johnson, a memberof the inter-agency task force on financial literacy that wascreated by last year's FACT Act. The hotline and website, bothoffered in English and Spanish, will guide consumers to the properagency to answer their questions and concerns. The website can befound at mymoney.gov and the hotline at toll free (888) MY-MONEY.The task force is also soliciting comments on a strategy for anational campaign for financial literacy. Comment can be submittedto the Treasury Department.

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