Federal Charters To Encompass EntireCities

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. - (06/07/06) – NCUA announced Tuesday it hasgranted five community charters that each cover major U.S. cities.The community charters were granted to: Sun East FCU to serve all1.5 million residents of Philadelphia; to Pittsburgh Central FCU toserve 1.6 million residents of three counties including Pittsburgh;Auto Workers FCU to cover two counties including Pittsburgh; TucsonFCU to encompass 900,00 residents of Pima County, Ariz., and thecity of Tucson; and Stark FCU to cover Stark and Carroll counties,Ohio, which covers the city of Canton. In the past two years NCUAhas granted charters that encompass all of Washington, D.C.;Baltimore; Phoenix; San Francisco; Miami; Houston; Richmond, Va.;St. Paul-Minneapolis; Lansing, Mich.; and Wilmington,Del.

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