Federation Pursuing Three Programs To Improve Lives

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NEW YORK – The National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions is pursuing three projects with a goal of improving the lives of the disabled, elderly and those relying on payday loans, respectively.

Among a number of projects under way for 2011, the Federation is focusing on expansion of a pilot for increasing outreach to older adults, especially people 65 years of age and older on a fixed income, said Federation President Cliff Rosenthal. “We have been working with a foundation, and if we are successful with the project, we will help our credit unions reach this population with better marketing, products, and services.”

Another effort, centered on training people with disabilities for internships at CUs, is beginning to produce results. The Federation is investigating initiatives that could lead to a short-term alternative to payday loans for Federation credit unions and the broader CU industry, Rosenthal said.


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