Financial Trust In Partners? Think Again

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WASHINGTON — It isn't just scammers targeting the credit unions that are engaged in a bit of fraud: it's everyday Americans and their partners.

A new survey from the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) and found that 31% of consumers who have combined finances with their partners have misled the other person when it comes to finances on everything from their earnings to the accounts they hold to where they are spending money.

Among the other findings in the survey, which was conducted by Harris Interactive:

• 68% said they had experienced a negative influence or lack of trust as part of their relationship in the wake of a financially deceiving act.

• 58% of participants admitted to hiding cash from their partner.

• 34% of participants lied about their financial situation; and

• 30% of participants admited to hiding a statement or bill from their partner.

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