First Tech CU Implements Diebold’s PassVault Hand Biometric Security

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BEAVERTON, Ore. – First Tech CU has installed Diebold’s PassVault hand biometric identity system for its safe deposit boxes.

Upon arriving at the vault area, members have the ability and independence to access personal safe deposit boxes without the help of a credit union associate. A biometrics device reads the shape and key points of members’ hands while personal identification numbers verify identification. Once this information is obtained and verified, individuals are permitted to access their safe deposit boxes.

“Members get a real kick out of the ‘high tech’ idea of hand scanning,” said Jim Mongrain, corporate facilities manager for First Tech. “That is very positive, as PassVault is new to us and to them.”

First Tech has been a Diebold customer since 1956 and uses the company’s ATMs, drive-up banking, masterguard safe, remoteteller, cash-drawers, and two-way audio/video systems, as well.


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