Florida League Overhauls Board Representation Structure

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The Florida league is seeking to change the way its board members are selected. Under a proposed plan, the FCUL Board will eventually be composed of directors chosen based on membership size rather than geographic location of the credit union.

The FCUL said the proposal is the result of a six-month review by the League Governance Task Force, which was chaired by John Hirabayashi, president of Community First CU of Florida.

Currently, board members can be elected according to region and on an at-large basis. Under the new plan, 12 members of the board will be elected from four membership categories based upon the membership of the candidate's qualifying credit union. A 13th member will continue to be elected on a statewide, at-large basis.

The proposed membership categories are: fewer than 5,000 members; 5,001-30,000 members; 30,001-75,000 members, and more than 75,000 members.

If approved, no currently serving director shall be removed from office to accomplish the transition to membership size category director elections, but by 2007 will have to choose to either resign or run for re-election under the new criteria.

According to Hirabayashi surveys showed credit unions of different sizes place a different value on the services they receive from the league. Larger CUs listed political advocacy as their No. 1 need, while smaller CUs place a higher value on programs focused on training, compliance and operations.

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