Former Loan Manager Convicted In BriberyScheme

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. - (06/03/04) -- The former loan manager at UpstateFCU was found guilty last week of doctoring the books of the creditunion, now known as AmeriCu, to hid $1.2 million in fraudulentloans. John Matrulli, 59, of New Hartford, was convicted of 17counts of making false entries, three counts of accepting bribes inexchange for granting loans, and one count of conspiracy to defrauda credit union. Matrulli, who served as vice president on charge oflending at the credit union for 10 years, approved more than 60loans, totaling $1.2 million, to Craig George in George's name orin the name of his relatives. George previously pleaded guilty tofraud charges in connection with the scheme. Matrulli acceptedbribes form both George and another individual, Diana Bryant, 53,of Utica, in exchange for the loans. Bryant was convicted of fivecounts of defrauding a federal credit union.

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