'Front Range Bandit' Confronted In LasVegas

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LOVELAND, Colo. - (07/21/05) -- An armed assailant believed to beresponsible for as many as a dozen financial institution robberies,including three at local credit unions, was arrested at his home inLas Vegas after employees at several of the institutions heallegedly robbed identified him from newspaper photographs. AlbertVaughan, 37, was dubbed the 'Front Range Bandit,' because heallegedly hit several credit unions in Colorado's Front Range,including Big Thompson FCU on March 3,and Longs Peak in Loveland,twice in 2003. Vaughan ahs confessed to all three credit unionheists, during which he brandished a pellet gun that looked like asemi-automatic pistol. IN a separate Fort Collins robbery, Vaughanstuffed the cash down the front of his pants where the dye packexploded. He was seen by a janitor in a public restroom pouringcold water on the money and dye pack. Vaughan told the FBI hecommitted so many robberies he couldn't remember all ofthem.

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