Get Ready For SPIM

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Cyber-crooks are moving on from phishing, pharming and spoofing to SPIM, bots and zombies; the latest schemes aimed at harvesting credit union data for illegal uses, credit union executives and directors were warned here. With SPIM, criminals are Spamming Instant Messaging on a network's computers; bots are allowing thieves to harvest email addresses; and zombies are enabling third-parties to take over a credit unions computer systems without the credit union even knowing it, according to online security expert Barry Thompson, during CUNA's annual Future Forum. These latest threats are allowing crooks to infiltrate credit unions' networks, providing them with access to members' financial data, said Thompson, the head of Thompson Consulting Group. He cautioned CU leaders to equip their web sites with contacts for suspicions of online fraud. Most importantly, he said, "If you get hit, notify members as quickly as possible."

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