Getaway Car Driver Guilty In ‘U-30' Boston Robberies

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BOSTON – A man who drove the getaway car in last June’s holdup at Sharon CU and as many as seven other heists in greater Boston was convicted Tuesday on three counts of armed bank robbery.

Prosecutors said Michael Coty, 45, was an accomplice in the U-30 robberies, so-called because the robber entered the institutions and put a purported bomb on the teller counter. During these robberies the tellers all noted a voice coming over a small handheld radio the robber was wearing, that counted backwards from the number 30. Thus, the individuals in these robberies were dubbed the U-30 bandits by the FBI.

Coty confessed to his role in the Sharon CU robbery, and heists at a Bank of America and Sovereign Bank branch and is scheduled to be sentenced in September.

Charges are still pending against the alleged gunman in the case, Dmitri Long.

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