Grabbing Share-But Then What? Solutions Pitched for Resolving New Challenges

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VISTA, Calif.-The landmark opportunity for credit unions to gain share from banks--and concerns over the future of the corporate system-are providing opportunities for Bluepoint Solutions as the second half of the year approaches.

"The opportunity for credit unions to gain new members is greater than it has been in recent memory," said CEO Hal Tilbury, noting the company's business is up 20% this year. "And with that potential growth, credit unions have to prepare their infrastructures to handle the expansion. We can help."

Uncertainty over corporate credit unions being able to provide item processing in the future has credit unions reaching out to Bluepoint, Tilbury shared. A provider of remote deposit capture, Check 21 and image-based item processing, and electronic content management and receipt management services for financials, Bluepoint has expanded its offerings and sales force and is investing more dollars in marketing. "Our visibility has increased,` and we have more capabilities to handle growth than we had a year ago," added Tilbury.

In the pipeline are enhancements to its item processing and document management product suite, as well as a new release before year's end that will help credit unions measure and enhance member service, Tilbury said. "It will help in managing loan documents and allowing members to securely submit signed documents remotely."

Bluepoint is also close to releasing a new electronic forms management solution. "We have had this product for a while, called e-sign and capture," Tilbury explained. "But we are refreshing the product from the ground up. It has been completely redone with much broader functionality. We are in beta with that right now."

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