Hawaii Schools Helps Award Cars To Principals

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Hawaii Schools Federal Credit Union noticed the state's teacher of the year award winners received use of a new car, but principals of the year had to make do with a spa treatment.

HSFCU has changed that.

As a result, each of the three public school Principals of the Year have been awarded use of a vehicle for one year, including insurance. Bruce Naguwa, Elementary School Principal of the Year, received the keys to a Nissan Frontier King Cab pick-up truck. Caroline Wong, the middle school winner, will be driving a Honda Accord. Lisa DeLong, the top high school principal, picked up a Cadillac CTS.

Doug Mashino, who handles marketing and business development for Hawaii Schools FCU, told The Credit Union Journal the promotion was made possible due to the "very generous" discounts from local auto dealers and AIG insurance-each of whom partner with the credit union.

"We don't do indirect lending, but we have a dealer referral program," he said. "The Pflueger family owns several dealerships, including Pflueger Cadillac and Pflueger Honda. Tony Nissan provided the Nissan truck."

AIG Insurance gave the $50-million HSFCU a substantial membership discount for the first year of coverage, Mashino added.

The credit union will make lease and insurance payments for the first year. After that, the three winning principals have the option of assuming the lease payments or returning their vehicles.

The winners did not choose which automobile they received, Mashino explained.

"The car awarded was a function of the dealership. In their experience with working with the schools, they have extensive history. For example, Pflueger Cadillac specifically wanted to give a Cadillac to the winning high school principal."

This year's award marks the second year of the promotion. Mashino said HSFCU did not publicize last year's giveaway because it wasn't sure how it would go.

"We are heavy, heavy supporters of education here. They are our only source of membership. Teachers of the Year traditionally get cars from an automotive trade group-one for each of the seven districts in the state. We decided the give the principals the same treatment."

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