Headlines You Won’t See In Today’s Journal

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Out of respect for our readers on April 1, Credit Union Journal has opted not to report any of the following stories:

* Congress Announces Interchange Solution It Says Will “Benefit Everyone”
* 1 CU’s New Bankruptcy Counseling Program: “Quit Buying Stuff You Can’t Afford, You Idiot”
* OMG! CU, Like, Offering Outpatient Surgery Loans For Facebook Users Who Have LMAO
* CUNA Creates New IJWTTBLTUTB (I Just Want Things To Be Like They Used To Be) Council

* New Fraud: Teller Supervisor Steals Air from Cashless CU’s Vault
* NCUA Plans New Assessment To Cover “The Next One We Don’t See Coming”
* Corporate CU Among Items Up For Bid In League’s Silent Auction
* Budget Cuts Leave State Regulator With Only Abacus, Sense of Skepticism
* Board Gets iPads, Grandkids Lead Training Session
* Immovable Object CU, Unstoppable Force CU Merge; Problems Encountered
* School District Bounces Check for Financial Lit Materials


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