'Hey, That's My Car'

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CHENANGO, N.Y. - (08/08/05) -- A long-time member of Visions FCUstepped out of the credit union Wednesday morning and looked aroundthe parking lot for his car. Trouble was, James Smith'schampagne-colored 1993 New Yorker wasn't there. A few minutes later87-year-old Jesse Ross was on his way back to the credit union withSmith's car. It seems, Ross, who has the same car, circa 1991, hadmistaken Smith's car for his. The two men had parked theirlike-modeled cars just a few spaces from each other. The odd thingwas; Ross's key worked in the other car. It wasn't until theoctagenarian got home that he noticed the champagne-colored NewYorker he had driven out of the credit union lot wasn't his. That'swhen he decided to drive it back to the credit union. It was thenthat sheriff's deputies, who had been called by Smith, pulled overthe old man with sirens blaring and red lights flashing. Ross saidhe apologized to Smith for the mix-up. A locksmith said its notunusual for keys to work in more than one car, especially in oldercars.

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