Higher Home Heating Bills Financed ByCUs

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CONCORD, N.H. - (01/12/06) – Credit unions in the northeastare offering special loans to assist members beset by theescalating of home heating costs this winter. Gropaco CU, inNorthumberland, is offering low-interest loans up to $2,000 foranything related to home heating, like prepayment of oil bills, orordering firewood. Service CU, in Portsmouth, is also offeringlow-interest loans up to $1,000 for heating expenses. St.Mary’s Bank, in Manchester, is providing emergency loans forhouseholds in danger of having their heat turned off. UniversityCU, in Orono, Me., is offering loans at 5.99% to help members payfor fuel, buy a wood stove or finance home renovations to makehouses more energy efficient.

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