Higher Postage Rates To Drive Moree-Statements

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WASHINGTON - (01/09/06) – Sunday’s rise in postalrates is expected to increase the push for the paperless office,including the delivery of monthly statements, annual reports andmarketing materials by email and send credit union surrying foralternatives to save on mailing costs. “Credit unions willhave to send more of their member communications by email and lookfor other solutions,” said one credit union consultant, ofthe new postage rates, which are expected to add millions ofdollars in annual expenses. To save on costs, credit unions areexpected to offer new incentives for members to receive statementsand other correspondence via email, the consultant said. They arealso expected to bring more of their mailing operations in-house tosave costs. Sunday’s rate increase, the first since 2002,will raise the cost of sending a first-class letter by two cents to39 cents, and increase charges for all other types ofmail.

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