Hooray For Bankruptcy View: It's Not To Be An Easy Out

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Hooray, for Lucile P. Beckwith on her opinion of the Bankruptcy Reform bill! (CU Journal, Feb. 24). She has put it all in a nutshell. I know it must be difficult to get all aspects of a bill the way we want it, the first time through, but bankruptcy reform is definitely needed. The requirement that they get financial counseling is a must. Financial literacy is in sad shape with our youth, and if the parents don't understand how surviving financially is a necessity, our youth will follow in their steps.

Bankruptcy should not be an easy out! The Personal Responsibility Act is an excellent name change for the bill. A Kansas Senator has introduced a bill in our State Senate for adding financial literacy to the math curriculum in Kansas schools, which passed the Senate 40-0. I hope it passes the House with flying colors, and the earlier we can implement the program to our youth the better. How could we have overlooked this necessary item for so long? Personal finance affects all individuals each and everyday of their lives, whether they go on to college or not.

Brenda Grauerholz, Loan Officer

Farmway Credit Union

Beloit, Kansas

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