House Candidate Gets CU Support InComeback Bid

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SAN DIEGO - (05/22/06) –Credit unions have weighed-inheavily in support of an old congressional supporter making acomeback after being ousted from the House in the 2000 elections.CUNA has contributed the maximum $15,000 to the campaign ofRepublican Brian Bilbray, who is running to fill the vacancy in thestate’s 50th congressional district created by the convictionon corruption charges of long-time Rep. Randy ‘Duke’Cunningham, who is headed to prison. Bilbray came in a distantsecond to Democrat Francine Busby in a special election in thisheavily Republican district, but qualified for a run-off becauseBusby failed to receive the required 50% of the vote. CUNA was ableto exceed the normal maximum contribution for Bilbray becausecontributions were segregated between special election and generalelection funds.

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