House Leader Rallies Bankruptcy Reform Lobby

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A key congressional sponsor of the bankruptcy reform bill called on major backers of the bill, including the credit union lobby, to buck up support for the measure during Congress' Easter Recess, before the full House comes back to vote on the bill.

In a closed-door meeting in his office the day after the House Judiciary Committee approved the credit union-backed bill, Judiciary Chairman James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), the bill's lead sponsor, urged participants to get members and other supporters to contact their congressional representatives over the coming weeks to rally support for the bill and eliminate the chance of a floor fight when the bill is voted onApril 7.

Sources told The Credit Union Journal that representatives of the 12 groups that organized the original Consumer Bankruptcy Coalition, including CUNA, were in the invitation-only meeting, as well as a representative from NAFCU. The House is widely expected to vote final passage of the same bill approved by the Senate two weeks ago, then send the bill on for President Bush to sign into law.

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