Hypodermic Needle Used To RobATM

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WESTBOROUGH, Mass. - (11/16/05) -- A desperate thief threatened amember of Digital FCU with what he claimed was an 'AIDs-infestedneedle' to rob her outside the credit union's ATM Monday night. Thethief was identified as Mathew Braley, 21, because he left hislicense behind a few minutes before while unsuccessfully trying tocash a bad check at the credit union, police said. Braley made offwith an undisclosed amount of cash only after suffering the blowsof the credit union member, who was determined to put up a fight.He accosted the member around 4 pm after she made a $200 deposit atthe ATM, by holding a a needle to her stomach and threatening toinfect her with the 'AIDs virus.' The woman kicked the needle andsyringe out of his hand and fought him, before he ran off with herpurse, according to police. The purse and syringe were recovered bypolice.

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