Interest Groups Set Aside TheirDifferences For The GOP

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WASHINGTON - (06/21/06) – Credit union executivessuppered with bankers, and rivals of all kinds came together Mondayto raise a record $27 million for the Republican Party at theannual ‘President’s Dinner.’ President Bushaddressed about 5,000 of the GOP’s strongest supporters whoreceived tickets because of their campaign contributions to theparty. Executives from the Pennsylvania CU Association,representing CUNA, sat with freshman Pennsylvania Rep. MichaelFitzpatrick, who the league is supporting for reelection. CUNAreceived tickets to the event, along with entry to numerouspolitical briefings and policy luncheons, in exchange for the$15,000 a year it contributes to both the National RepublicanSenatorial Committee and the National Republican CongressionalCommittee, which sponsored Monday’s affair. “Thetickets come complimentary with our contributions, which also comeswith tickets to various special events,” Trey Hawkins,political director for CUNA, told The Credit Union Journal. Hawkinsemphasized that CUNA also has entry to Democratic committee bymaking identical contributions every year. CUNA contributes$180,000 to each parties’ major organizations every electioncycle.

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