Iowa League Redesigns Site, Has More Info For Consumers

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The Iowa Credit Union League has redesigned its website at, offering a variety of interactive tools and opportunities for CU members and consumers who want to learn more about the industry.

Among the features of the redesigned site:

* Credit Union Industry News. Information about Iowa credit unions and industry news will be posted on the homepage of the new Website and in the Media Center.

* Compare Average Credit Union Rates with Banks. Credit unions and consumers will be able to compare the average daily rates between Iowa credit unions and banks on car loans, savings accounts, home mortgage, CDs, credit cards and other products.

* Write Your Legislature. Consumers will be able to easily locate and contact their legislators through the online grassroots tool. It will have credit union issues and letters online that consumers can submit to their elected officials.

* Employment Opportunities. Consumers can view and apply for credit union industry job openings.

* Financial Calculators. Consumers and credit union members will be able to calculate their home mortgage, savings and auto loans.

* Locate a Credit Union. This function will allow consumers/members to search for credit unions based on various criteria.

* Spanish Section. Sections of the site are now in Spanish. * Consumer Financial Information. The site includes financial terms, definitions and helpful consumer finance articles about making a budget, getting a loan, understanding home mortgages, etc.

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