Key CU Ally Feted At RNC

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NEW YORK - (09/03/04) -- A small group of about 16 lobbyistsdined with California Congressman Ed Royce Wednesday night atBeppe's Italian restaurant, in a tribute to the chief sponsor ofthe credit union regulatory relief bill, known as CURIA. CUNAlobbyist Gary Kohn, who attended the fete, told The Credit UnionJournal that Royce relayed his commitment to working for the bill'spassage in the next Congress. Kohn told Royce that several morelawmakers have pledged to CUNA to add their names to the 65sponsors already signed to CURIA, after this fall's elections.Later in the night, in a nationally televised incident Kohn andMontauk CU President Lou Jimenez got tangled in a vortex of SecretService agents removing a protester from in front of Vice PresidentDick Cheney inside the Convention hall.

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