Landmark CU Installs IMM's Totale Automated Systems

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NEW BERLIN, Wis. – Landmark CU has implemented Integrated Media Management’s Teller Item Capture, TotaleChecks and TotaleReceipts solutions throughout its 18 branches.

IMM said its Teller Item Capture populates the core system’s checks deposited screen, eliminating manual data entry, reducing keystrokes and errors. The scanned checks are encrypted and appended to the receipt transaction and a 128-bit indexed PDF is created for storage. The system generates an electronic cash letter that the $1.6 billion credit union can electronically send to its processing center.

Teller Item Capture interfaces on the front end with the core teller platform and on the back end with TotaleReceipts to generate an archiveable PDF with the receipt, scanned checks, IDs and other scanned items, the company said.

IMM’s TotaleReceipts automates the output of teller transaction receipts, thus removing preprinted receipts and their need to be manually scanned, indexed or retrieved. The platform provides a real-time teller log, viewable from any workstation, which eases end of day balancing. TotaleChecks, IMM’s software application that eliminates the storage and management of preprinted checks, enables Landmark CU’s online and batch checks to be laser printed on blank security paper.

Landmark CU opted for a phased implementation of IMM’s Teller Item Capture, TotaleReceipts and TotaleChecks. Flexible with the credit union’s preferences for a rollout, IMM tailored the entire install strategy to Landmark CU’s comfort level and availability, rolling out two of its 18 branches at a time.


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