Large Crowd On Hand For Journal BusinessDevelopment Meeting

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ORLANDO, Fla. - (04/01/05) More than 140 credit union executiveswere on hand yesterday when The Credit Union Journal kicked off itsSEG & Business Development Conference here. Discussion was farranging, but a number of presenters emphasized that they werecontinuing to place an emphasis on select employee groups (SEGs)even after moving to a community charter. In the case of TravisCredit Union in California, Steve Langley, VP-sales and service,said it now refers to the groups as PEGs: Partner Employer Groups.“A lot of credit unions think we’re going community,sowe can forget about our SEGs, and that’s going to begreat,” said Gary Lanier, senior VP, sales and memberservices with Eastern Financial Florida CU. “You can’tforget about your SEGs.”

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