Life Sentence Ordered In Murder OfFederal Witness

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KANSAS CITY - (10/03/05) -- A 42-year-old Kansas City man wassentenced to prison for life last week for ordering the murder of afederal witness to a credit union robbery. Xavier Lightfoot wasconvicted in August of ordering from prison the June 8, 1998 murderof John Wayne Hogsett, his former roommate who was cooperating withinvestigators in the 1997 armed robbery at Educators FCU in Omaha,and two jewelry stores. It was the second trial in the case forLightfoot, who had his 1999 conviction overturned on appeal.Evidence at the recent trial included testimony from CorneliusPeoples, an accomplice in the robberies, who hired the hit men tokill Hogsett. Three other accomplices have been convicted in thecase, including Carl Haskell, who was sentenced to life in prisonfor killing Hogsett.

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