Manager Denies Staging $210,000 CU Heist

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WORCESTER, Mass. – The former officer manager for Wyman-Gordon FCU took the stand yesterday during her fraud and embezzlement trial and denied she and her husband faked the 2002 robbery of $210,000 from the credit union.

Testifying in her own defense, Susan Carcieri, 59, said she was confronted from behind by an assailant as she entered the credit union on the morning of the reported robbery and was tied to a chair after being forced to open the safe.

Carcieri’s testimony contradicted that of a police detective last week who said when he arrived at the scene he found Carcieri loosely bound with little restraint, as if her abduction had been faked.

After the robbery, police found most of the stolen credit union cash hidden inside the aluminum siding at the home Carcieri shares with her husband. The husband, George Labadie, 51, took the witness stand Monday and also denied any involvement in the theft of the money from the credit union.

Prosecutors claim the couple staged the robbery and made off with the stolen cash. Carcieri and Labadie also are charged with attempted counterfeiting based on items police said they seized during an Aug. 29, 2002, search of their home.

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