Manager Faked Her Abduction In $210,000 CU Heist

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WORCESTER, Mass. – A police detective testified he found the office manager of Wyman-Gordon FCU tied loosely to a chair with little restraint when authorities arrived at the credit union the morning of Aug. 27, 2002, in response to a $210,000 robbery.

The manager, Susan Carcieri, 58, and her husband, George Labadie, 48, are on trial for charges they staged the early morning robbery and made off with the stolen credit union cash. Prosecutors allege the couple staged the robbery and stole from the credit union because they were in financial straits.

Detective Dennis Cullina testified he and other officers found Carcieri tied to a chair in a kitchen area of the credit union when they arrived that morning. He said the woman's feet and left hand were bound to the chair with cords from a window blind and her right hand was free and it didn’t appear that she was really being restrained.

The couple was arrested two days after the robbery after police found $40,000 of the stolen credit union cash in $10 bills stuffed underneath their home’s aluminum siding, where a relative testified she saw Labadie hide it. Investigators said they also recovered what were described as "two sheets of the backs of $10 dollar bills." Another $20,900 in $100 bills was recovered by police from inside the house.

Police said about a half-hour before Carcieri called 911 and reported a robbery at the credit union, Labadie’s sister-in-law claimed to have seen Labadie kneeling by a hole in the siding of his house with banded money.

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