Master Of Disguises Stages HawaiiRobberies

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HONOLULU - (06/05/06) – Authorities are hunting for asuspect who has used a variety of disguises to rob six areafinancial institutions–including Hickam FCU twice–andattempt two others, since last October. During most of the hold-upsthe suspect wore a wig or fake beard, or both, and during the firstrobbery his hair was dyed blond, police said. In an April 25 heistat Hickam FCU the robber was brandishing a knife and wearing asalt-and-pepper wig, blue hospital scrubs and sunglasses. In arobbery last December at the credit union he was wearing camouflagepants, a fake beard and a ‘do rag’ on his head. Duringa separate hold-up at Central Pacific Bank the same month he waswearing a construction worker’s outfit, with a dark-coloredhard hat, gloves, and an orange and yellow safety vest, along witha fake beard and ‘do rag’ on his head.

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