Member Service Reps Armed With Range Of Life Stage Materials

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DUBUQUE, Iowa-Five years in the making, Dupaco Community Credit Union has armed its member service reps with a comprehensive package of materials aimed at members' lifestages.

Rather than provide all members with a one-size-fits-all brochure or application, the new package, themed "For the Time of Your Life," materials state, "At every stage of your life, you need to make important financial decisions. From investing lemonade stand profits to funding retirement, your needs and objectives change. That's why we've developed a full lifetime of services, designed to fit you and your you'll choose from custom-tailored, age-appropriate services, based on your specific goals and objectives."

There is a section for every life-segment, seven in all, noted Joe Hearn, executive VP-marketing and public relations.

"In the materials we talk about the credit union and lay out the foundation for what they get as a member," explained Hearn. "We've designed the seven different segments so that all the copy is different and we can talk to people on their own terms. The new member reps have to get to know the person to know what (materials) to give them."

Hearn noted the only life stage not represented are children.

"We have a long list of questions and we ask for all their business," he continued. "We try to make them understand the credit union difference."

Indeed, under the headline, "You make the call. (We think you'll call us.), copy reads, "Credit unions and banks are different in several ways, yet the same in some. Here's one similarity: Both are safe, secure, professionally managed financial institutions. Here's one difference: At credit unions, people are worth more than money."

A chart below the text outlines other critical differences between banks and CUs, including structure, ownership, how decisions are made, pricing, etc.

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