Members Discover The Words ‘IDo’

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WYOMISSING, Pa. - (03/08/06) – Increasing numbers of DiscoveryFCU members are merging their assets. The $100 million credit unionhas launched a ‘Wedding Registry Account’ that allowsengaged couples to ask for and manage cash gifts from guests atbridal showers and the wedding. When couples open a WeddingRegistry Account at Discovery, the credit union provides them withcustom registry cards (in their choice of high-quality gold orsilver professionally printed paper along with its own envelope foreach card) to tell their guests in their invitations that they havea ‘CASH REGISTRY’ at Discovery where they can depositcash gifts for their bridal shower(s) and wedding. Officials atDiscovery FCU said they introduced the product because so manycouples already live together prior to getting married or arejoining to already established households, and they oftendon’t need many of the traditional wedding gifts. During arecent Bridal Fair, the credit union said it opened more accountsduring a four-hour period than it had at any otherevent.

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