Meridian Link Deploys LoansPQ At Utah CU

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MeridianLink Inc. said it has successfully deployed its LoansPQ lending platform with America First Credit Union. The Ogden, Utah-based credit will now seek to leverage advanced lending technology to refine the member borrowing experience, improve processing workflow, and automate its lending operations, the company said.

"The attraction to LoansPQ was instantaneous because of its rich feature functionality and unique abilities to bridge consumer, mortgage, business and indirect lending in one, turn-key package," the company stated. "An impressive suite of administrative tools feature: robust cross-selling; opportunity data mining; powerful pipeline management; proprietary credit reporting and score analytics, custom reporting, and paperless lending capabilities."

"We're trying to get more focused on getting members what they need, as well as getting information on our members to market our products more effectively. LoansPQ meets all of these requirements," said Scott Budge, VP-branch operations with America First.

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